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Pino Solutions is a joint venture of Roadtech Services and JG Electronics.

We are developing solutions to extend the lifetime of your dimmer equipment and comply with today's needs.

If your venue is replacing old incandescent fixtures for LED the EASY SWITCH upgrade  is the safe answer!

Extensions to simplify the use of existing equipment.

Easy apps to control  DMX, Artnet and RDM. Even wireless.

Roadtech Services is an independent repair service for AV equipment. From experience we have seen a huge number of defective equipment in our workshop in for repair which have accidentally been connected to a dimmer. The bulk of these repairs are moving lights, LED pars, active speakers, smoke machines, boosters and Artnet nodes.

Because of a demand from the sector we have decided to develop an upgrade for existing dimmer installations in collaboration with JG Electronics.

By using the EASY SWITCH upgrade you also choose not to unnecessarily remove a reliable dimmer. You can keep on using your dimmers but at the same time you have the flexibility to change every outlet from dimmer to fixed power safely without any hassle.

This helps the environment by preventing waste and is also good for your budget.





for ADB Memorack 180


for ADB Eurodim module

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