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Why Pino Solutions?

Pino Solutions is a joint venture of Roadtech Services and JG Electronics.

Roadtech Services is an independent service provider for many brands of LX, audio and FX equipment.

Roadtech Services engineer Victor Anderssen has been working in the business since 1978, has extensive experience ranging from the install to touring world.

J.G. Electronics develops solutions for a variety of applications for hoist control, DMX, Artnet, audio and energy appliances.

JG Electronics engineer John Geelen has four decades of experience with dimmers and the service of theater equipment.

Victor and John started to work together in the early 80's and under the banner of Pino Solutions transform ideas into working solutions.

Both are thouroughly aquinted with all ADB equipment and have a history with devising solutions for ADB products.

Their collaboration continues to repair, develop and manufacture theatre equipment and apps.

What is Pino?

The Pino Team





Support manager


Service Dog


We are developing solutions to extend the lifetime of your dimmer equipment and comply with today's needs:

Easy upgrades and extensions to simplify the use of existing equipment.

Easy apps to control DMX, Artnet and RDM. Even wireless.

We care about our environment and think that we contribute by developing kits that let your dimmers and equipment last longer.

All these new products will come with many questions.

We are ready to anwser all your questions about all Pino Solutions products.

To get started we have already answered most common questions in our FAQ section, but if you are still in need of more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is Pino?

Pino is a 2 year old Border Collie that was rescued by Roadtech Services from a shelter in Sint Truiden, Belgium.

This lovely dog is very quick-witted and has been the inspiration for the Pino Solutions EASY SWITCH.

He is currently protecting our data according to GDPR regulations and is out on the road assisting as a Service Dog.

For every purchase of an EASY SWITCH system a donation will be made to the animal shelter to help dogs like Pino find a forever home.