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Your ADB support address for repair, maintenance and solutions

We are offering a quick and affordable priced solution (maintenance and repair) for ADB portable dimmers, ADB fixed cabinets dimmers, Eurodim 1, 2, 3 and Twin Tech dimmers.

Even your old ATH/ATN, D225 or Dimatic modules are repairable!

Repair and maintenance prices include upgrades or modifications.

ADB Dimmer repair & maintenance


4.3" for control overview of 12 channels per page.

7"  for 24 channels.

10.1" for 48 channels.

The 4.3" will fit in the first Eurorack.

The 7 and 10.1" can be fitted in the following options:

-     19" panel

-     Sloped desk with VESA mount for wall, table or adaptor

-     Plexi table stand

ADB Memoracks ready for EASY SWITCH


ADB Memorack 180 dimmers can accommodate the EASY SWITCH option

(also available for touring or portable dimmers).

PS 194001 and PS 195001 can connect up to 240 dimmers.

The Memoracks will be fitted with an extra connector to connect to EASY SWITCH.

3 different displays are available for the Memorack kit (4.3", 7"and 10.1")

-     19" panel

-     Sloped desk with VESA mount for wall, table or adaptor.


Make your ADB dimmers UP2DATE and ready for the future!          

Pino Solutions developed a true direct 230 Volt EASY SWITCH by output upgrade for different types of ADB dimmers. It will extend your ADB dimmers' lifetime with many more years of reliable service.

Now every channel can provide fixed power to moving lights, LEDpars, equipment with buit-in transformers like boosters or audio amplifiers, active speakers and single phase motors.

-     Upgrade to EASY SWITCH  DIM/230V on every channel.

-     Durable, safe and stand alone system.

-     Coloured touch display for quick access. 3 display sizes available.

-     Built in/mounted or remote.

-     Available control for ADB Eurorack 60 or max. 10 Euroracks.

-     Available control for  ADB Memorack 180 .

-     Available for all type of ADB dimmers 380/220 and software versions.

-     Individual Eurodim, TwinTech and Dimostat module conversion.

-     Sustainable solution: reducing waste and saving resources.

-     Options: custom made presets, control via RDM, IOS and OSC.

-     Exclusively installed by Roadtech Services.


    Contact us for more information!

3 EASY SWITCH displays for quick access       


ADB controls, fixtures, hoist repair & maintenance

We are offering a quick and affordable priced solution (maintenance and repair) for all types of ADB lighting desks (Cantor, Domino, Mikado, Tenor, Phoenix, Mentor, Liberty, Freedom, Horizon and Imago), hoists and luminaires in our workshop or on site.

A wide variety of original ADB spare parts available

Repair and maintenance prices include upgrades or modifications.

Daily in our workshop

By appointment


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Update your ADB Liberty or Freedom

Switch from Hathor to Prego!

All of the Prego and Hathor licenses will be combined in a new, more flexible distribution.

Update to more channels is possible.

Call or mail us or as for more information or pricing.

Upgrades available to V3.

EASY SWITCH for ADB TwinTech modules*


Switch modules with the Easy Switch Modbus/DMX

- Generate fixed, safe 230V on your outlets.

- Configure all or some outliets to your own needs and budget.

- Conversion of individual modules regardless of the age of your installation.

- Stand alone system

(*) For Standard Diagnostic version only!

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