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Smart saving with the Easy Switch dimmer upgrade


The cultural sector has been hit hard during the pandemic and energy prices have also caused considerable damage to already restrained budgets. Due to inflation, personnel costs are now more than ever weighing heavily on available resources. 

What can be actively done about it? Installing the Pino Solutions Easy Switch upgrade! 

Save on electricity, costs and help the environment by extending the life of your infrastructure. 

Save on precious electricity by replacing conventional incandescent and halogen fixtures with LED equivalents by safely connecting them to dimmer channels that can switch to fixed voltage! The Easy Switch makes it possible to continue to use existing infrastructure and thus completely eliminate an expensive investment.

Save on working hours when setting up and loading out a production. With one push on the Easy Switch Master Controller, a channel switches from dimming to fixed voltage or back. Use handy presets to recall recurring setups. No more extra breakouts or multi-cables required. From now on it is truly plug-and-play. 

Save on unnecessary costs with a tailor-made Easy Switch system upgrade. Only pay for what you really need. Expansion in the future is also possible so that phased and flexible budgeting is feasible. 

Contact the Pino Solutions team today to see how the system works and to request a no-obligation quote. The Easy Switch helps you to save and invest sustainably and innovatively. Feel free to go into winter! Also take a look at colleagues who have already installed the Easy Switch upgrade

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