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Touring Rack with Easy Switch for CC De Werft, Geel


Congratulations to CC De Werft in Geel for ordering this insanely nice ADB Touring Rack upgraded with Easy Switch.

It has 3 Memorack 30 modules, each with 12 circuits. A loose Memorack 30 can also be attached to have an extra 12 channels when needed.

The 7” Touch Controller with sturdy shock-proof protector case allows for quick and easy access to control the Easy Switch.

It is also equipped with a patch bay and a top-of-the-range energy meter with allows for measuring electrical parameters (I, V, F, P max AVG etc.). This multifunction power-monitoring device provides the user with all mesurements needed to complete energy efficiency projects and to assure the monitoring of electrical distribution systems. 

Want a Touring Rack with Easy Switch just like this? Contact us for an offer today!

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